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About Us


We are a Dutch-Bulgarian rose growing company which joins the Bulgarian tradition and experience in rose growing with the international relations and expertise of the Dutch growers and traders.

Our company grows more than a 1 million rose bushes of more than 150 varieties of various types.

Budding is done mainly on Rosa cor. Laxa and Rosa Multiflora.  The growing cycle is 2 –years.

For the proper storage of our goods we dispose of a vast modern cold store located in the town of Byala, district of Russe (not  far from the border with Romania). The cold store together with a packing facility for the roses and a grading one for the root stocks were built upon a PSO project subsidized by the Dutch government.

We also grade and distribute Dutch planting material- rose root stocks of the types Rosa cor. Laxa, Rosa Multiflora, Rosa Pfander, Inermis, Rosa canina ”Schmidt's Ideal“ and others.

Our production is mainly exported to Europe, Ukraine, Greece and Turkey in the period from November to April every year.  Certain varieties high quality roses are presented to the inner market, too.

Brit Rosaco has contract growing agreements with David Austin Roses and several other Dutch companies.