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Color: Сини / Лилави Model: CBLM
This is the climbing sport of the famous hybrid tea variety Blue Moon. Its flower is a little bigger than the one of the original variety and it is as long-lasting and fragrant as the other one. Very healthy and resistant rose. ..
Color: Бели / Кремави Model: CLSW
The famous climbing sport of Schneewittchen. The flowers are small to middle in size, cupped and shallow.  The bloom is continuous and exuberant until deep autumn and in the beginning of the bloom the flowers can have pinkish shade.  There is very pleasant and sweet fragrance.  ..
Color: Жълти Model: CL06
Big double flowers suitable for cutting also. Green and glossy foliage. Healthy rose, but susceptible to black spots sometimes. It can be grown as bush or climber.    ..
Color: Розови Model: КMK
Absolutely Unrivaled FragranceKiss Me Kate™ Arborose® Climbing Rose is a vigorous climber and can reach up to 10 feet in height and spread up to 4 feet in width. Kiss Me Kate™ Arborose® Climbing Rose is happy to accentuate arbors and trellises with an abundance of medium pink blooms redolent of citr..
Color: Розови Model: MER
Mini Eden Rose е катерлива роза с миниатюрни цветя, ярко розови в центъра, преминаващи в градиент до почти бяло по външните венчелистчета. Цветовете са невероятно красиви и имат лек аромат. Има многократен и обилен цъфтеж, а тъмнозелената му зеленина може да достигне височина от 150-250 см. Ако иска..
Registered Name: Hardwell   One of the best all-round climbers. Large clusters of shapely, scented blooms in summer and autumn. Ideal for a wall or an arch. Uses: Wall, trellis, fence, arch..
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