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Hybrid Teas

ABBAYE DE CLUNY is a hybrid tea rose recently introduced by the House of Meilland of Cote d'Azure, France as part of their Romantica series. Romanticas are generally noted for their vigorous growth, strong fragrance, good disease resistance, repeat bloom, good winter hardiness and old rose feel. ABB..
Color: Бели / Кремави Model: ANNA
Bred by Francois Dorieux II (France, 2000) Pure white colour. Very strong frangrance of tea and honey, double flowers of classic hybrid tea form. Continuous bloom throughout the season. Height 60-80 cm, spread 40-50 cm. Vigorous, healthy bushes, flowers resistant to rain, suitable for..
Hybrid Tea Rose. A selection of Kordes Rosen. A sparkling red colour. Diameter of the flower - 12 cm. Moderate fragrance. Height 100 cm, width 50 cm. Continuous bloom, good disease resistance.   ..
Color: Розови Model: HTP07
This is the best light pink HT rose of the Harkness collections. The flower is big, rich, high-centered. Light fragrance. The growth is upright and vigorous. The foliage is dark green. Very good disease resistance.  Suitable for borders, beads and cut flower. Height - 100 c..
Color: Розови Model: SmL
  Wonderful thornless fragrant rose selection of Harvey Davidson. T he flowers are of medium size in nice pink with pleasant sweet aroma. . The bush blooms in the summer and in the autumn. The height is up to 180 cm  ..
Color: Жълти Model: M11
A variety of Meilland named after a young  Bulgarian lady who had died tragically in a car accident. This is the yellow variety. It has got  a fruity perfume of peach and plum. The flowers are big - 12 cm diameter.  Height 110 cm, width 50 cm.   ..
Color: Сини / Лилави Model: HT01-2
One of the most famous blue ( mauve) Hybrid Tea roses. The variety is suitable to be used as cut flower also. Long-lasting flowers and very strong fragrance. Very healthy variety. Repeats very well until late autumn.   Alternative names: Sissi, Imperatrice,   There is a climbin..
Color: Розови Model: HT06
Deep pink Ht flower with strong fragrance. Suitable for cut flower.  The foliage is big and green. Very good disease resistance.   ..
One of the most popular HT varieties. Known in the whole world under the names Gloria Dei, Mme. A. Meilland, Peace, Gioia although the original name is Mme. A. Meilland.  The breeder of the rose is Meilland from France who gives it the name of his mother who sadly had passed away at a very y..
Color: Ивичести Model: HT09
Rich, striped flowers in raspberry red and white. Blooms in the entire season exuberantly. Very strong disease resistance.   ..
Color: Червени / Пурпурни Model: HTP04
Registration name: Poulman Exhibition name: Ingrid Bergman ® Bred by L. Pernille Olesen (Denmark, 1984). Bred by Mogens N. Olesen (Denmark, 1984). Introduced in Denmark by Poulsen Roser A/S as 'Ingrid Bergman'.  Beautiful dark red HT rose with delicate fragrance. Large, full flowers. Re..
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