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Червени / Пурпурни

Hybrid Tea Rose. A selection of Kordes Rosen. A sparkling red colour. Diameter of the flower - 12 cm. Moderate fragrance. Height 100 cm, width 50 cm. Continuous bloom, good disease resistance.   ..
A cluster flowering floribunda variety. Black buds open into velvety dark red blooms. This rose is well clothed in an abundance of glossy, green tinted bronze foliage. Flowers shrug of the effects of rain and hot sun. Overall effect of red blooms and coppery foliage is excellent. Good bedding variet..
This variety is resistant to low temperatures and for that reason it is very popular in Northern Europe.  Flowers are numerous, small, and of deep red colour that do not fade from the sun. In addittion they are resistant to rainfall and last very long.  The bloom goes on until deep a..
Very attractive variety with repeating bloom and exuberant flowering from spring until autumn. The flowers are dark red, big, of hybrid tea shape. This variety is susceptible to mildew. ..
Color: Червени / Пурпурни Model: HTP04
Registration name: Poulman Exhibition name: Ingrid Bergman ® Bred by L. Pernille Olesen (Denmark, 1984). Bred by Mogens N. Olesen (Denmark, 1984). Introduced in Denmark by Poulsen Roser A/S as 'Ingrid Bergman'.  Beautiful dark red HT rose with delicate fragrance. Large, full flowers. Re..
Famous variety with beautiful deep red flowers. The first bloom is very prolific with a waterfall of red flowers. The blooms after that are not that exuberant but the bush will not remain without flowers until deep autumn. This rose is resistant to rain, wind and diseases, and the foliage is g..
A hybrid tea rose a selection of Meilland Roses. The colour is a stunning terracota which gives the name of the variety, Diameter of the flower- 11 cm. Very exuberant bush with good disease resistance. Height 110 cm, width 70 cm. No fragrance.  ..
A variety of Meilland named after a young  Bulgarian lady who had died tragically in a car accident. It's a stunnign red variety of the Romantica Sellection of Meilland Roses. The colour is deep red, the flowers are big and of exquisite form with a lot of petals. The fragrance is stron..
Rose  DARCEY BUSSELL (Ausdecorum) Rose  DARCEY BUSSELL (Ausdecorum)
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Good red roses are never easy to breed, so David Austin Roses are particularly pleased to introduce Darcey Bussell as they believe it is one of the best and most healthy red roses they have bred to date.  Its beautiful flowers are produced freely and with excellent continuity. When young, th..
One of the most popular red HT roses. The flower has classic exquisite form.  Long-lasting flower, suitable for cutting and vase. Strong fragrance.  On the general it is a healthy variety but it is susceptible to black spots.  Repeats well.  The foliage is reddish ..
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