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Potted Roses

Color: Розови Model: DO16
A rose of delicate charm - its flowers being beautifully formed; their colour a soft glowing pink at the centre, shading to palest pink on the outer petals. When the petals open they expose numerous stamens, providing an almost water lily-like effect.   It has strong, elegantly arching gr..
Color: Жълти Model: TPW
An excellent pure yellow rose, that combines unusually strong and healthy growth with blooms of the utmost delicacy and charm. These are quite large and evenly shaped, with many small petals opening to form a flat flower. They have a softness of texture which is most pleasing, and look particularly ..
Without doubt, the best crimson English Rose to date. It is a truly superb variety with exquisite blooms of the richest velvety crimson, gradually changing to an equally rich purple. Deeply cupped at first, the flower soon opens out to a shallow quartered cup. The growth is neat and upright; each st..
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