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Color: Розови Model: M7
A variety of Meilland named after a young  Bulgarian lady who had died tragically in a car accident. This is the pink variety. The rose is very powerful and extremely fragrant. It has got a real rose perfume with citrus  associated with raspberry and apricot and verbena note ; t..
Color: Розови Model: K6P
A Kordes selection Floribunda rose. The flowers are of deep pink, in clusters, small in diameter ( 4 cm) and with the shape of pompons.  Flowers in flushes. The foliage is dark green.  Slight fragrance.  Size: 80*60 cm. ..
Color: Розови Model: КMK
Absolutely Unrivaled FragranceKiss Me Kate™ Arborose® Climbing Rose is a vigorous climber and can reach up to 10 feet in height and spread up to 4 feet in width. Kiss Me Kate™ Arborose® Climbing Rose is happy to accentuate arbors and trellises with an abundance of medium pink blooms redolent of citr..
Color: Розови Model: MER
Mini Eden Rose е катерлива роза с миниатюрни цветя, ярко розови в центъра, преминаващи в градиент до почти бяло по външните венчелистчета. Цветовете са невероятно красиви и имат лек аромат. Има многократен и обилен цъфтеж, а тъмнозелената му зеленина може да достигне височина от 150-250 см. Ако иска..
Color: Розови Model: ZD
This is one of the most famous thornless roses.  The colour is from magenta to dark pink and the bloom is continuous and exuberant. There is very pleasant fragrance. The bush is robust but susceptible to black spots, powder mildew and rust. The rose can be grown both as a shrub or a..
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