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Color: Розови Model: ZD
This is one of the most famous thornless roses.  The colour is from magenta to dark pink and the bloom is continuous and exuberant. There is very pleasant fragrance. The bush is robust but susceptible to black spots, powder mildew and rust. The rose can be grown both as a shrub or a..
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Color: Розови Model: DO12
  Bred By David Austin Flower Type Double/Full Bloom Hardiness Average Fragrance Light Repeating Excellent An exciting new development, stemming from an..
Rose  BONICA (Meidonomac) Rose  BONICA (Meidonomac)
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Color: Розови Model: BONI
Excellent rose variety, very exuberant and well growing, diesease resistant and blooming throughout the season. Forms small pink clusters of flowers. Selection of House of Meilland, 1981.  ..
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Rose BOSCOBEL (Auscousin) Rose BOSCOBEL (Auscousin)
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Color: Розови Model: BDAR
‘Boscobel’ bears beautifully formed flowers of rich salmon colouring. They commence as red buds which open at first to pretty cups, gradually developing into perfectly formed blooms of classic rosette formation. The numerous small petals are of varying shades, mingling to provide a most pleasing eff..
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Color: Розови Model: GH
This variety bears some of the most perfectly formed flowers of true Old Rose character.  Starting as attractive, nicely rounded buds, the flowers gradually open to shallow cups with all their petals perfectly arranged. Their colour is pure pink with soft blush on the outside and a lovely pu..
Color: Розови Model: GJDAR
Special Characteristics   Winner of the 'James Mason award' 2002 from the Royal National Rose Society The flowers of this rose start as perfect little scrolled buds and soon open into the most beautiful, large, rosette-shaped flowers of rich glowing pink. The growth is upright and vigor..
Color: Розови Model: JG
A superb, large shrub with long, slightly arching, almost thornless growth - typical of our 'Leander' group. The colour is a lovely warm pink at the centre, shading to pale pink at the edges. This is a tough, disease-free rose that is excellent for the back of a mixed border and can be trained into ..
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