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Сини / Лилави

Color: Сини / Лилави Model: HT01-2
One of the most famous blue ( mauve) Hybrid Tea roses. The variety is suitable to be used as cut flower also. Long-lasting flowers and very strong fragrance. Very healthy variety. Repeats very well until late autumn.   Alternative names: Sissi, Imperatrice,   There is a climbin..
Color: Сини / Лилави Model: CBLM
This is the climbing sport of the famous hybrid tea variety Blue Moon. Its flower is a little bigger than the one of the original variety and it is as long-lasting and fragrant as the other one. Very healthy and resistant rose. ..
Color: Сини / Лилави Model: HTP05
Registration name: DORient Exhibition name: Melody Parfumée ™ Bred by Francois Dorieux II (France, 1992).   HT rose with Mauve flowers. The fragrance is very strong of an old rose. Disease resistant. Susceptible to freezing weather.  Blooms throughout the whole season...
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