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Color: Ивичести Model: OGR02
Interesting striped variety in dark and pale lilac. Cup-shaped flower. Blooms through the entire season.  This rose can be grown either as a big bush or as a climber.  Very high disease resistance...
Color: Ивичести Model: HT09
Rich, striped flowers in raspberry red and white. Blooms in the entire season exuberantly. Very strong disease resistance.   ..
Color: Ивичести Model: FP03
Reg. name: Dormelo Bred by Francois Dorieux II (France, 2004).    Grandiflora. Floribunda.   Striped ivory and burgundy wine flowers. Blooms in clusters throughout the season.   Glossy, dark green foliage.   Height from 70 to 90 cm.  Disease susceptib..
Color: Ивичести Model: HT16
Exquiite striped flowers in variations of the red and white.  Blooms continuously. Strong disease resistance.  ..
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