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New package and catalog

Bare Root Roses

Supplied in bundles of 10 pcs. with variety label on every bundle. All roses are treated against insects and diseases and accompanied by phytosanitary certificate. 


Root Wrapped Roses

Roots are packed in moistened mixture of peat and saw dust and wrapped in black plastic foil; diameter of root ball 7-9 cm; length of root ball 18-20 cm or on request of the customer.

Branches are covered in green wax and bound with a rubber ring.

Total length of plant – on requirement of the customer

Delivery in box pallets. Box pallets are wrapped in foil to preserve moisture during transportation.


Roses Prepacked in Carton Box

A luxury silver lacquer and dull-finished carton box in 6 languages (Bulgarian, English, Romanian, Greek, Turkish, Serbian) with variety photo sticker. 

The variety photo sticker shows the rose flower and some basic information for it height, bloom, and fragrance as it is given by symbols.