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Potted Roses

Color: Розови Model: K6P
A Kordes selection Floribunda rose. The flowers are of deep pink, in clusters, small in diameter ( 4 cm) and with the shape of pompons.  Flowers in flushes. The foliage is dark green.  Slight fragrance.  Size: 80*60 cm. ..
Very popularand easy to grow  variety suitable for fencing. Blooms through the entire vegitation season. The flowers are in deep red colour and the foliage is green and extremely disease resistant.    ..
Color: Жълти Model: M11
A variety of Meilland named after a young  Bulgarian lady who had died tragically in a car accident. This is the yellow variety. It has got  a fruity perfume of peach and plum. The flowers are big - 12 cm diameter.  Height 110 cm, width 50 cm.   ..
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