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Color: Розови Model: STTF
This is the most popular Polyantha variety in the world. Although it is considered to be mainly a Polyantha variety, this rose is often added into the groups of the miniature and ground cover roses due to the small size of the flower and the ground covering type of growth. The flowers are pink but w..
Color: Жълти Model: STTP
An excellent pure yellow rose, that combines unusually strong and healthy growth with blooms of the utmost delicacy and charm. These are quite large and evenly shaped, with many small petals opening to form a flat flower. They have a softness of texture which is most pleasing, and look particularly ..
Color: Бели / Кремави Model: STTDAR
Category English Roses   (English Rose Collection)   Bred By David Austin   Flower Type Double/Full Bloom   ..
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